Dog Grooming Services Dubai

In-House Grooming

Tired of wrestling with your pet to get in a good scrub? 
Woof Pet Services has a team of talented groomers who are able to offer grooming services from basic bathing to breed standard cuts in our low-stress grooming area. Our experienced groomers will help suggest the best do for your pet’s lifestyle, as well as a look you will love!

Grooming Services

Full Service Groom

Shampoo, condition, haircut, blow dry and brush. Nail trimming and ear cleaning/plucking and glands are included.

Bath, Brush & Tidy

A maintenance package of bathing, brushing, a tidy of the face, paws and sanitary area and nail clipping/ear cleaning

Nail, Ear & Teeth Care

Includes nail trimming, ear cleaning/plucking and teeth cleaning.


Anti-shedding package using the FURminator® range.

Summer Splash/Winter Splash

Bathing, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a tidy of the sanitary area.

Pretty Paws

Bathing of the paws and legs, shaving the pads and nail clipping.

Add-on Treatments




Teeth Cleaning

Flea/Ticks Bath

Full Grooming Service
Dog Grooming Services Dubai

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Dog Hair Cut Services Dubai

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Dog Shampoo and Wash services Dubai

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Complete Dog Grooming Services

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